Transonic® flow meters and Tubing flow sensors provide the necessary flow metrics to test device prototypes and validate pump accuracy, characterize pulsatile and steady flow dynamics, evaluate mechanical heart valve leakage and can monitor flow in just about any flexible tubing circuit from biomedical research applications to pharma bioprocess and bioreactors.
Transonic offers two flow sensor options for measuring volume flow in flexible tubing:  

  • Clamp-on flow sensors attach to the outside of the tubing so they do not interrupt the flow or sterility of the system. A single flow sensor can be moved between various positions in the system or various systems without having to alter the tubing set-up. However, for best results, the flow sensor should be re-zeroed every time it is repositioned. Clamp-on flow sensors are calibrated for up to four specific tubing, temperature and fluid combinations.
  • Inline flow sensors splice into the tubing line with minimal impact on flow behavior. They have the advantage of higher accuracy than Clamp-on flow sensors, especially at low flows. Inline flow sensors are calibrated for up to four combinations of temperature and fluid, being independent of tubing type.

See Bioprocess for information about how tubing flow measurements can help improve your system.