SP200 Pressure Control Unit

Simple, Quality Pressure Measurements

The SP200 Pressure System is designed to provide stable, accurate, high-frequency response pressure measurements when used with Transonic Scisense solid-state Pressure Catheters. The Transonic Scisense SP200 can be used with either two single sensor pressure Catheters recording simultaneously or with one dual-pressure sensor Catheter. High resolution measurements do not require additional amplification allowing for direct integration with most data acquisition systems.

Product Overview
  • 2 pressure channels
  • 2 point electronic calibration with balance controls for each pressure channel
  • Stable zero baseline with low or negligible offset
  • Pressure output resolution of 22mV/mmHg
  • Tactile-button operation and system menus increase ease of use
  • Analog outputs compatible with most data acquisition systems
  • Compatible with all Transonic Scisense Pressure Catheters
  • Not for use in humans