TS420 Perivascular Flow Module

Precision Volume Flow Measurements for In Vivo Animal Studies

Transonic® is the recognized gold standard for blood flow measurement in animal studies and physiological research. The TS420 Perivascular Flow Module provides unprecedented waveform quality and accuracy. A complete line of Perivascular Flowprobes is available for small and large vessel sizes and for acute use and chronic implantation.

The TS420 Perivascular Flow Module for in vivo use incorporates the plug & play features that researchers have come to expect from Transonic's high quality scientific instruments. Known for their reliability, Transonic Flow Modules are virtually maintenance-free.

Transonic TS420 Perivascular Flow Modules fit into 400-Series Instrumentation Consoles and are compatible to mix and match with other 400-Series Modules.


Product Overview
  • Measure Absolute Blood Flow in Arteries, Veins & Ducts for Acute & Chronic Cardiovascular Research Applications
  • Stable Zero Baseline; Low or Negligible Offset
  • Plug & Play Operation
  • Operates Precision Perivascular Flowprobes from 0.5 mm to 36 mm
  • PR-Series & PS-Series Flowprobes
  • PS-Series & V-Series Nanoprobes
  • PAU-Series COnfidenceFlowprobes for Cardiac Output and great vessels
  • PMP-Series - Handle style for acute intraoperative applications
  • Analog output compatible with most Data Acquisition Systems
  • Gold Standard Transit-time Technology
  • Installs in a 400-Series Instrumentation Console: T402 or T403
  • Not for use in humans