BLF22 Tissue Perfusion Monitor

Comprehensive Microcirculation Measurements

Transonic’s BLF22 Series Tissue Perfusion Monitors measure microcirculation, including mass and velocity, for real-time assessment of perfusion. Tissue Perfusion Monitors can be used to monitor the effects of exercise, drug treatments, environmental or physical manipulations on target microvascular beds. A wide range of compatible Laser Doppler Probes for acute or chronic use measure perfusion, mass and velocity in 1 mm3 of tissue.

  • Skin & tissue flaps
  • Mucosa membranes
  • Internal organ surfaces
  • Cerebral cortex
Product Overview
  • Single channel
  • Measures Perfusion, Mass and Velocity
  • Quick and easy operation
  • High resolution, low noise perfusion measurement
  • Digital or analog outputs available for data recording
  • Laser Doppler technology
  • Wide variety of compatible Laser Doppler Probes