Download the PV Workbook: Tools & Techniques for Pressure-Volume Hemodynamic Studies.

With the use of these probes we were able to measure cardiac output to evaluate the hemodynamic changes in a novel animal model... - J. van de Wouw, MD, PhD

Successful physiological measurements in animal models depend on precise, innovative technology and proven protocols. Researchers studying the physiology of various conditions which alter systemic blood flow and distribution such as exercise, aging, heart failure, hypertension and circulatory compromise require quality cardiovascular measurements. Transonic® offers a complete suite of cardiovascular research solutions for both small and large animals.

  • Transit-time volume flow measurement in blood vessels 0.3 mm in diameter and greater
  • Laser Doppler for tissue perfusion on organ surfaces
  • Solid-state catheter pressure for minimally invasive, high fidelity pressure measurements
  • Pressure-volume catheter measurement for comprehensive cardiac hemodynamics
  • Multi-parameter telemetry including pressure, ECG and flow in a single unit
  • Ultrasound-dilution for cardiac function and blood volume measurements