Cardiopulmonary Bypass Machines

Cardio-pulmonary Bypass with the Heart Lung Machine

Perfusionist operating a heart lung machineA Cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) pump, often referred to as a Heart Lung machine or simply as “the pump,” mimics the function of the heart and lungs by temporarily taking over the heart’s and lung’s function during surgery so that the surgeon can work in a bloodless surgical field. Used during coronary artery bypass and other cardiac surgeries as well as heart and lung transplantation, the heart-lung machine is a fixture in any cardiac operating room.

However, as with any pump, pump flow is subject to change and verification of true pump flow is advised. That is why one sees so many Transonic Tubing Flowsensors applied to CPB circuits within ORs. To sidestep this need for an external quality assurance sensor, heart-lung machine manufacturers have incorporated Transonic flowsensing into their machines to assure that the right flows are being pumped through the cardiopulmonary bypass circuits during these critical surgeries.