Transonic is an OEM for many medical monitoring devices where blood flow measurement is critical“Transonic Inside” Capability, Know-how & Functionality for Dedicated Custom Engineered OEM Systems

Transonic® began partnering with outside companies as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) shortly after the company’s inception in 1983. This robust Transonic/Customer synergy is part of Transonic’s DNA and is at the heart of the development of all Transonic products.

Transonic’s OEM applications range from the use of standard Transonic products straight off the shelf to customized novel devices that wouldn't normally be recognized as a Transonic device. Together with our collaborators, Transonic has expanded previous flow measurements ranges to include measurements in ultra-low flow applications such as cerebrospinal fluids, lymph and other novel mediums.  Products that use Transonic customized OEM Flowsensors and Flowboards include the following:

  • Heart Lung Machines
  • Organ Preservation Apparatuses
  • Artificial Organs
  • Infusion/Transfusion/Perfusion Systems
  • Ventricular Assist Devices
  • Dialysis Systems
  • CP Bypass Pumps/ECMO
  • Ophthalmic Microsurgery Systems


Transit-time Ultrasound Technology Advantage 

Transonic’s transit-time ultrasound technology demonstrates clear advantages over other technologies. Transonic’s Tubing Flowsensors, first developed in 1987, readily measure volume flow of water, saline and blood analogs like glycerin & water solutions used to mimic the viscosity of blood and best assess pump design on the bench. For extracorporeal devices, our Clamp-on Tubing Flowsensors have no contact with the fluid and keep blood lines sterile. Perivascular Flowprobes can be implanted on native vessels in animal subjects for months to validate adequate blood distribution by mechanical hearts. Moreover, Flowprobes can be positioned on a pump’s artificial vessel outlet graft to directly measure pump performance.


Co-engineering Program, Proof of Concept and Quality Assurance

Transonic’s comprehensive OEM co-engineering program streamlines the collaborative process. We collaborate with our OEM customers throughout the entire design process including initial research and prototyping, device life cycle testing, pre-clinical trials and incorporation into the finished product. 

Before OEM collaboration, Transonic strongly encourages you purchase one of our standard research Flowmeters if you do not already own one. These standard Flowmeters will help you overcome initial design challenges with your project, which in turn will optimize the non-refundable engineering (NRE) time Transonic dedicates to your OEM product development.

In addition to proof-of-concept, Transonic research products also provide the added benefit of quality assurance. Our “Transonic Inside” OEM Flowboards and Flowsensors are designed to work as well as our standard research Flowmeters; owning one of these devices will help you with quality control testing of your prototype, pilot and production OEM units, ensuring a successful collaboration between your company and Transonic.


Functional Equivalency

Transonic OEM flow systems are functionally equivalent to standard Transonic Flowmeters which the FDA has classified as regulatory Class II Medical Devices. While an original equipment manufacturer is generally required to receive the FDA’s permission to market a full product, the Transonic flow technology embedded within your product should not be a hindrance to the FDA’s eventual permission to market. Transonic will work closely with customers to meet any additional regulatory specifications that their product requires. Transonic is an ISO 13485:2003 Certified Manufacturing Facility.


Confidentiality Is Our Guarantee

At the outset of any OEM collaboration, Transonic signs a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement that states that neither party can release information working together without the other’s written permission. This Non-Disclosure Agreement ensures that total confidentiality is maintained regarding the "Transonic Inside" technology before the customer wants to make that information public. Of our many customers, Waters Instruments, Hugo Sachs and ReliantHeart currently take pride in publicizing the implementation of Transonic's superior flow-measuring technology inside of their devices.

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