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Access recirculation is a late indicator of vascular access dysfunction. Transonic® Hemodialysis Monitors can measure access recirculation in fistulas, grafts and catheters to assure delivery of the prescribed dialysis dose.

With a single infusion of saline, the Hemodialysis Monitor detects and quantifies access recirculation. As the only technology that is able to separate actual cardiovascular recirculation from cardiopulmonary recirculation, ultrasound flow dilution measures zero percent recirculation, the new standard.   

Recirculation measurements:

  1. Identify inadvertent reversal of blood lines; 
  2. Confirm proper needle placement;
  3. Confirm 0% recirculation.

Best Practice: Ensure adequate dose delivery by direct measurement access recirculation in AV accesses and catheters with Transonic flow surveillance.