“The Transonic Flow-QC Hemodialysis Monitor has benefited numerous dialysis-dependent patients by reducing and, in many cases, eliminating the agony of a clotted AV graft or fistula, thereby facilitating correction of access stenoses on an elective basis that prevents missed dialyses and the need for placing temporary catheters.”  Depner, T, MD, UC Davis


Transonic Measures:  In: For:
Delivered Flow & Recirculation Catheters, Grafts & Fistulas Dialysis Adequacy
Access Flow Grafts & Fistulas Avoidance of Thrombosis
Cardiac Parameters Grafts & Fistulas Avoidance of Sudden Death

Flow-based surveillance during the hemodialysis treatment alerts a patient care team to patients at risk for underdialysis, thrombotic events and cardiac failure. Dialysis adequacy is assured by direct, accurate measurement of pump blood flow and access recirculation in AV accesses and catheters. Vascular access health is assessed by trending vascular access flow to catch unforeseen decreases. Cardiac Output profiling identifies patients with dangerously low Cardiac Index due to inadequate dry weight estimation.

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