Hemodialysis & Vascular Access

A Flow-based “Circle of Care®” 

 "Transonic flow monitoring is the cornerstone of my Vascular Access Management Program (VAMP).”  Spergel, LM, MD, FACS

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A well-functioning vascular access is critical for end-stage renal disease (ESRD) patients, whose kidney function is replaced by hemodialysis. The vascular access must deliver a sufficient rate of blood flow to administrate the dialysis prescription, but not so much flow that it may cause complications. Consequently, blood flow is a fundamental metric of vascular access health and performance. Transonic® modalities can measure vascular access flow at several intersects in an access’s natural history: creation, during a hemodialysis treatment, during a corrective endovascular intervention, and/or during surgical revision of an access. Transonic flow measurements inform the surgeon, the nephrologist and the interventional radiologist and create a “Circle of Care®” for the patient and their vascular access.

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