Download the COstatus® Literature Pack: Bedside Hemodynamic Monitoring in Pediatrics & Adults. Cardiac Function, Blood Volumes & Shunt Verification

Cardiac defects are among the most common causes of congenital disease with atrial and ventricular intracardiac shunts accounting for a significant proportion of such malformations.”  Gan HL et al, PLoS One. 2014 Jan 8; 9(1)

The considerable anatomical variety among congenital cardiac shunts (left to right, right to left, bidirectional) makes it difficult, at times, to determine the precise hemodynamics of a particular shunt. This information is crucial in order to determine a course of action to correct the shunt abnormality.

COstatus® is able to identify and/or verify intra-cardiac shunts and/or a patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) by analyzing the indicator’s time of appearance and the width and symmetry of the indicator dilution curve. This information supports the surgeon’s clinical impression and other modalities for visualizing the shunt, or provides new information for consideration.

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