Download the COstatus® Literature Pack: Bedside Hemodynamic Monitoring in Pediatrics & Adults - Cardiac Function, Blood Volumes & Shunt Verification

We dare say that not a single day in the pediatric intensive care unit goes by without the words cardiac output (CO) being mentioned or addressed in nearly every critically ill patient, yet it is rare to actually measure CO in these patients.”  Olsen BS, Kocis KC, Pediatr Crit Care Med 2008;9(4) 49.

Individualized goal-directed therapy is an ideal best practice modality. At the crux of goal directed therapy is healthy cardiac function and cardiac output. Transonic’s Cardiac Output measurements provide quantitative measurements to support clinical impressions and guide patient treatment strategies. Measurements can potentially reduce mortality, length of stay and total health care cost.

In patients with septic shock, burns or congenital heart disease, the host of COstatus® cardiac function measurements including cardiac output, cardiac index, stroke volume index, total ejections and systemic vascular resistance provides the clinician with critical information. Because COstatus® measurements are minimally invasive and use an innocuous normal saline indicator; they are especially applicable for pediatric ICU patients.

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