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Nipro Corporation and Transonic Systems announce the formation of a Joint Venture

Nipro Corporation (Osaka, Japan) and Transonic Systems Inc. (New York, USA) announced the formation of a Joint Venture (JV) under which Nipro will receive exclusive marketing and sales rights for all non-OEM Transonic products in Japan. As partners for more than a decade to establish best practices for hemodialysis patients in Japan, the new Nipro - Transonic JV is a natural next step to advance best practices and further innovation in other medical disciplines in Japan.  The JV will provide a mission-critical link between Transonic’s operations in the USA and will provide product import, registration and servicing of all Transonic products in Japan. Nipro’s superior marketing, sales and customer support network will be the exclusive distribution channel, both for existing Transonic products as well as to introduce Transonic’s more innovative technologies that have not yet been imported into Japan.

Mr. Cornelis Drost, CEO of Transonic Systems Inc. stated: “Nipro has been our distribution partner for our hemodialysis monitor since 2003 and has gained our immense respect through their commitment to introduce what was then a novel patient monitor technology, and make it the Japanese standard of care. Through our partnership with Nipro, our successes in the US and EU with more such innovator products in the microsurgical, ECMO, bioprocess, critical care and research telemetry fields will be transplanted into Japan and made the new standard of care.”

Mr. Toshiaki Masuda, Executive Director of Nipro Corporation added: “This joint venture is a desirable fit for both companies, which have the complimentary expertise for technologies, product development and marketing.  Transonic’s products have a good potential in cardiovascular surgery and other surgical fields as well as research and bioprocess areas, and we are looking forward to market those products in Japan in addition to the hemodialysis monitor“

Both Nipro and Transonic look forward to further realize their synergies in their respective and similar Missions – to Provide Innovative and Patient-oriented Solutions for Healthier Lives, and to Advance Meaningful Measurements -- through this exciting Joint Venture.

Nipro Corporation (Osaka, Japan; www.nipro.co.jp) is a world leading manufacturer of medical products in the various fields such as renal, intervention and anesthesiology, injection and infusion, cardiopulmonary and diabetes, etc.  Committed to delivering innovative, high quality and value-added solutions to improve patient care, the company develops cutting-edge products that are safe for the medical provider and manufactured to alleviate the discomfort of the patient.  Established in 1954, Nipro employs more than 25,000 team members globally and specializes in medical, pharmaceutical and pharma packaging products.

The Transonic Systems Inc (Ithaca NY; www.transonic.com,) and its sister companies (together: Measurement Innovations Corporation) have pioneered novel ultrasound and indicator dilution flow measurement technologies for life sciences applications that have since become worldwide standards of care in surgical, hemodialysis, cardiovascular and biomedical research.  Established in 1983 as an offspring of Cornell University, the company employs around 150 team members and has divisions in USA, Canada, Holland, Taiwan and Japan.


For more information, contact:

For Nipro Corporation: 

Kimihito Minoura, Minoura-kimihito@nipro.co.jp; phone: +81-6-6372-2331

For Transonic Systems Inc.: 

Miriam Tenorio, Miriam.tenoria@transonic.com; phone: +1-607-257-5300