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January 30, 2020 American Physiological Society Bestows Prestigious APSselect Award on Elegant Research Study

The conscious canine study co-authored by Transonic’s Danielle Senador with Dr. Donal O’Leary and RS Augustyniak was chosen by the American Physiological Society for its scientific rigor. A muscle reflex (metabaroreflex) occurs when limbs do not receive sufficient perfusion during exercise. Its investigation requires a series of surgeries in each animal in order to implant of multiple Flowprobes and pressure transducers.

Before she joined Transonic in May 2018, Danielle was a post-doc at Wayne State University School of Medicine, where she worked in the laboratory of Dr. Donal O’Leary, one of Transonic’s long-time collaborators who has been using Transonic research equipment for 30 years. There, Danielle honed her surgical skills while implanting multiple Flowprobes and pressure transducers in an ongoing series of heart failure and renal hypertension exercise studies.

The APSselect study required three separate surgeries:

1.         To implant a Transonic 20 PAU Flowprobe around the ascending aorta to measure cardiac output;

2.         To implant a 10 PAU Flowprobe around the terminal aorta to measure hind limb blood flow. Then, to position two perivascular hydraulic occluders around the terminal aorta distal to the Flowprobe for graded reduction of hind limb blood flow, and to introduce a 19 G catheter through a ligated lumbar artery to measure arterial pressure;

3.         To introduce a catheter into the jugular vein to measure venous pressure.  Once the animals had fully recovered from the surgeries, the planned experiments were carried out.

Reference: O’Leary DS, Senador D, Augustyniak RA, “Muscle metaboreflex- induced central blood volume mobilization in heart failure,” Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2019 May 1;316(5):H1047-H1052. (Transonic Reference # 11512A)