PV Loop Webinar Series - Best Practices to Achieve Quality PV Loop Data

Dr. Filip Konecny and Peter Plouf present and offer discussion on best practices for obtaining quality and consistent Pressure-Volume loop data. The presentation is a distillation of more than 10 years of working with the PV Loop research community to develop better results, and insights from Dr. Konecny’s body of knowledge from collecting and publishing PV Loop study data across a wide spectrum of species and research models. This presentation touches on what is essential for researchers to be aware of in order to collect valid PV Loop data that can be used with confidence in the ensuing analysis stage of their research project.

Rat left ventricle PV loops during IVC occlusion

Key Topics:
surgical considerations for improved data stability and consistency between animals

procedure checklists -- essential steps before, during, and post surgery

how to properly check data integrity at the bench-top

understanding conductance and admittance methodologies for deriving volume



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