Introducing Isopropyl Alcohol Lubricant for Transonic Hemodialysis Flowsensors

Historically, Transonic® has used Vaseline® as a lubricant and ultrasonic couplant between tubing and Flow/dilution Sensors. The use of Vaseline ensures a good fit of the tubing within the Sensor which is important for good signal quality and thus good measurements. 

An antiseptic alternative was requested by our customers, and through extensive testing by the Transonic Engineering Department, 70% isopropyl alcohol was shown to be a viable alternative. Testing has shown there to be no loss of signal quality or accuracy when using 70% isopropyl alcohol instead of Vaseline.

Starting immediately all HD02 and HD03 Hemodialysis Monitor customers may switch to using 70% isopropyl alcohol as part of their Transonic monitoring protocol. Click the link below to download the proper procedure for using 70% isopropyl alcohol as a lubricant. It is very important to follow the protocol in order to ensure good coupling and accurate results. For additional questions, don't hesitate to contact Customer Service or your local Transonic representative.

Download the Hemodialysis Alcohol Lubricant Instructions

View the Technical Note for more information.